Episode 78. OracleCodeOne, the interviews!

OracleCodeOne just happened… and Freddy and Bob couldn’t go… So they recruited the help of Josh Juneau to go out there and capture interviews from anyone who would talk to us! Apparently they did, and we packaged all in this hour-long episode for your enjoyment! Everything from community building, to what’s hot in the Java space, to takes from the conference are covered in this series of five minute interviews.

So take a listen! It’s the next best thing if we couldn’t go to OracleCodeOne.

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Episode 67. Recording from JavaOne!

We sneaked in! Bob and I managed to get into JavaOne (sshhhh….) and made drive-by interviews with some of the luminaries and notable atendees at JavaOne, from Dr. Deprecator @stuartmarks to @reza_rahnman, @edburns, @prpatel, @saturnism, @javaclimber and @shelajev. All in snippets of 10 minute awesomeness talking from deprecation, collections, Eclipse Enterprise for Java, Containerization, and getting Kids involed, it’s a great melting pot of topics and opinions!

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JavaOne 2014. Wow, I see a lot of Things! with Internet! And Music! And Agile!

This is our yearly pilmigrade to JavaOne, where we get to meet good old friends, create new memories, and best of all, geek out for an entire week on Java! We got to learn about the big things waiting for Java (the Internet of Things), and got to talk about how people are making a difference in Java (With the adopt-a-jsr program). We got to talk to great people like Peter Pilgrim(@peter_pilgrim), Marcel Offermans (@m4rr5), Heather VanCura (@jcp_org), Bruno Souza (@brjavaman), Mattias Karlsson (@matkar) and Geert Bevin (@gbevin). In all, is a great podcast to get a feel of what has been happening at J1! (Oh, and you gotta follow them!)


Oh My Gosh, is that Aarun Gupta, Bruno Souza, Danno Ferrin, Hanz Dockter, Charles Nutter and Yoav Landman? Session Previews (and reviews) from JavaOne

So, here’s the deal, I went down from Chicago to JavaOne 2013, and took Bob Paulin along. There are sooo many sessions and such great content that it was really hard to know when to start. So we decided to do something cool! We set-up shop in the heart of JavaOne and grab unsuspecting speakers and ask them to spare a couple of minutes to tell us about their sessions (all awesomeness!).

And the good news is that Oracle will make all of the presentations referred in this talk (and much more) available for everyone! Take a listen and prepare to be amazed by the awesome presenters of JavaOne.
 – Aarun Gupta (@arungupta)
 – Bruno Souza (@brjavaman)
 – Danno Ferrin (@shemnon)
 – Hanz Dockter (@gradleware)
 – Charles Nutter (@headius)

 – Yoav Landman (@yoavlandman)