Month: May 2020

Episode 90. Let’s get Recording (AND VIDEO!)

Java 14 is out! And with it, we now have a preview of Java Records! We go over this newfangled feature… and get this… we finally did it! We actually recorded our first Video Podcast (Woohoo!). A great episode Number as well (episode 90) to start the road to Video (I know, I know, very 2005 of us), but now you can not only listen to our voices, but actually look at the code as we type so you can follow along!

So yeah, with records, we are essentially incorporating (almost natively) what some of Lombok’s @Data features were, including default (sensible) implementations of equals and hashcode. A great episode to not only listen… but to watch! Let us know any feedback you have as we embark into Video (you know where to find us)

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