Month: August 2020

Episode 92. Not your Grandpa’s Serialization!

Ah, Serialization… the bane of every Java Developer! If you are still using ObjectOutputStream, and Serializable, then you do want to listen to this episode! We move past the objectoutputstreams to what most people are running into these days! (Starting with 2001 and JaxB… and then moving forward from there to Json, and in Part 2…protobuf and thrift!).

But oh, no all serialization is equal, and there are tradeoffs are we go through the different serialization / deserialization libraries (Convenience, Speed, Rigor? all these are things that one need to take into account when choosing a serialization strategy). So take a listen (and watch the video if you want to follow along) as we explore the interesting and great world of Java serialization frameworks!

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