Month: September 2016

Episode 61. Let’s go retro with JaxB/Xml/XSD and Soap! (JSR-222)

It’s not the “cool kid” anymore, but it sure is everywhere! If you ever generated an xml file from a java class (or have created a java class from a definition) you have been using Jaxb! And if you have used for some time, you can see that Jaxb sometimes works, and other times…well. Come take a listen and understand what’s happening under the covers! And how you can make JAXB, oh well, “behave!”.


A Big Thanks to LaunchDarkly for sponsoring our podcast! Feature flagging is easy, feature flag management is hard. What LaunchDarkly has done is essentially take a system like Google or Facebook has made in-house and bring this to the masses. With features like percentage rollouts, audit logging, and flag statuses, teams have complete control over features at scale. When you effectively separate business logic from code, you can build better software, faster without the risk

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