Episode 85. Monitor the World with JMX!

There are technologies that sometimes are forgotten in a lonely corner, but that actually are quite sturdy. One of these is the All-Powerful Java Management Extensions (also known as JMX). With JMX you can actually expose a lot of metrics of your application and TONS of libraries use it “out of the box”. Libraries like Tomcat, JVM, ActiveMQ, Spring (and ton others) exposes their metrics through JMX. And you can too!

In this episode we go over how to both consume JMX metrics (through JConsole, or statsD, or other Performance Monitoring Tools), and how to produce them as well (By creating your own MBeans), not only that, but we also go with how to be able to “invoke” these on a live application. Have you ever wanted to say “Oh my, I wish I could call this method while the program is running in production ‘At will'”. Well, with MBeans, you can make that happen! Not only that, but if you really want to you can also expose your MBeans through a Rest Endpoint with Jolokia.

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Episode 50. How many Classes would a ClassLoader Load if the ClassLoader was Loading the parent Classes?

You worked with them “all the time”, whenever you know it or not! Classloaders are the little workers that make sure all the code is there and ready to be executed. Bob revisits this topics and goes into more detail on how the ClassLoading hierarchy works, when to watch out, and how different frameworks (OSGI, and Java EE containers) may be configured to load classes. If you have run into “ClassNotFound” exceptions, this can help you explain why!

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