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The Story Behind Our Podcast

We are the best source for Java Topics for the Professional Software Developer and the serious enthusiast! This podcast started with a simple idea. After interviewing all day long for a budding Startup, Freddy noticed that a lot of candidates came in with some strangely warped concepts on multi-threading, garbage collection and/or software design. As he went through the internet he realized that there are a lot of podcasts and beginning tutorials for a budding Java Developer, but there wasn’t a podcast that dealt with the real problems that a Java Developer encounters in their day-to-day job. Things like “how to troubleshoot a deadlock“, to “Optimizing for Performance” were never discussed with clarity, so Freddy set out to create a brand new podcast that will tackle “real issues” on “production software”. We don’t need another “hello world” podcast, but instead, we want to discuss the advantages or disadvantages of using the console for logging output!

As Freddy kept recording, he realized that this podcast is not only meant for the performance developer, but also needs more of an “Enteprise” bend to its topics. So, he recruited his best friend Bob to record more episodes, and then proceed to record episodes on “Apache Camel”“Java EE”, and “Microservices” . Now each episode is even richer as there is more perspective from two seasoned Java developers from different specialization branches.

Between our show hosts we carry more than 40 years of experience in software development and we have more than 70 (mostly) timeless episodes already. So if you are an avid podcast listener, are working daily in Java, or are a serious hobbyist, then you must take a listen and subscribe!

Behind The Mic

Freddy Guime

Show Host


Freddy is a Principal Developer at Expedia. Always dealing with performance and usability he is always curious on how to make the overabundance of data useful for travelers, traders and consumers. Having worked with different technologies before has allowed him to come with solutions to rendering bottleneck problems. A Usability Guru, Freddy understands and bridges the concepts of high-throughput with usability within software.

He is also the author and maintainer of the javapubhouse.com, a podcast dedicated to tutorial topics in Java that covers everything from the use of the keyword volatile to the definition of beautiful code, also of javaoffheap.com, a java news podcast.


Bob Paulin

Show Host

Bob Paulin is an independent consultant working for different IT firms. He has 15 years of experience as a developer and has contributed to open source software for the past 10 years. Bob is currently an ASF member and actively contributes to Apache Tikka, Apache Felix, and Apache Sling. He was nominated as JCP Outstanding Adopt-a-JSR participant for his involvement with Java EE 8. He has run numerous JDK 9 workshops in the Chicago area. Bob is also the co-host the JavaPubHouse.com, a podcast on a range of Java topics, standards, tools, and techniques. He also participates regularly in the Java Off-Heap, a podcast about Java technology news.


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Freddy and Bob get thirsty all the time with all the talking they do… If you feel kind, and find value on the podcast episodes, then buy them a beer! We appreciate it!

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Best podcast out there covering java now. Relevant discussions on server side and middle ware. They keep it light and real. Real programmers talking about best practices. Would love to join one of their on location audiences at Java One, Chicago or elsewhere
Mr Java Guy
Jan 28, 2017
You guys are awesome!! Thanks for the great content, I've been listening to you guys for years =)
Jan 04, 2018
I really appreciate this podcast. There aren't enough Java podcasts that still update regularly. Thank you!
Feb 19, 2016
Really knows his stuff. I learned a lot. I wish there were more podcasts like this.
evangeline Quilantang
Nov 11, 2013
Amazing. Really good podcast to listen to while on the treadmill or driving. Detailed enough to reinforce concepts. Keep up the excellent work Freddy!!
Feb 17, 2012
Great Content. I really like the depth in these podcasts. This is a great contrast to the tech news podcasts out there.Thanks for putting the time into the show!
Dec 13, 2011