Soft Skills

Episode 54. Bug Hunt! (The essential skills of the great Debugger)

As a developer, we probably spend most of our time figuring out what went wrong. Debugging really an art, and we sometimes get intimidated by it. Well, if you ever found a bug that has trying to scare you, never fear! Bob and I walk through how to become a master debugger and just Zap those bugs away!

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Episode 17. What is beauty? A discussion about beautiful code

Every developer at one point in time runs into the question, what is beautiful code? Is it code that is expressed concisely? is it code that does a lot in a few lines of code. Well, while we’re not the DeveloperPeople’s magazine at least there are fundamental concepts that describe code beauty. And while there isn’t a consensus (what is beauty anyways), at least there is a baseline for code that is not ugly (hint. It’s maintainable). At least a conversation starter, this podcast covers the very minimum that code has to be to not be ugly!



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