JavaOne 2014. Wow, I see a lot of Things! with Internet! And Music! And Agile!

This is our yearly pilmigrade to JavaOne, where we get to meet good old friends, create new memories, and best of all, geek out for an entire week on Java! We got to learn about the big things waiting for Java (the Internet of Things), and got to talk about how people are making a difference in Java (With the adopt-a-jsr program). We got to talk to great people like Peter Pilgrim(@peter_pilgrim), Marcel Offermans (@m4rr5), Heather VanCura (@jcp_org), Bruno Souza (@brjavaman), Mattias Karlsson (@matkar) and Geert Bevin (@gbevin). In all, is a great podcast to get a feel of what has been happening at J1! (Oh, and you gotta follow them!)


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