Episode 79. Here’s a present to you! A library that makes you program less (Apache Commons)

So for our new episode we decided to give YOU a holiday gift! Apache Commons! We covered one of the libraries that is ubiquotous in anyone who programs Java, but that not many know how robust and complete it is!

Do you have to do things like averages, min, max? Or do you have to read CSV files? What about measuring pieces of code with currentTimeMillis? or creating deep copy of Bean objects? Well, these and much more are already supported in the slew of Apache Commons project (and subprojects!). They usually have no transitive dependencies either so they are “ready” for the taking. And because Apache Commons is already used in many open source libraries, chances are that is already in your own project! Making it an easy thing to just start using it.

Happy holidays, enjoy this little gift from all of us :).

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