Episode 76. Tick…tock…Time to upgrade to Java 11!

It’s coming! If you have been using Oracle Java 8, you should know that starting on January 2019 we will have to get an oracle license for running Oracle’s JDK in production. OR, if you want to keep using Oracle Java (or OpenJDK) for free, and still receive security updates, then you gotta move to 11!

In this episode we have no other than @DrDeprecator itself giving us a tour on what are the less-known changes (and goodies) that are coming when upgrading from 8 to 11. We go through most of the JEPs that usually don’t make the news but are actually pretty awesome!

So take a listen, and start downloading the new Java 11!

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We also thank Stuart Marks a.k.a. Dr Deprecator for joining us in this episode (do follow him!)

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