Episode 71. Jigsaw part II, and Java 10 Highlights!

So we finally wrapped Jigsaw in this episode (the most prominent feature for Java 9 (and included a small errata from @stuartmarks). But Java is moving at a breakneck speed, and Java 10 was just released a couple of days ago! We couldn’t resist covering some of the new and interesting features of the language. So come take a listen to finish up with Jigsaw, and learn what’s new for Java 10.


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One comment on “Episode 71. Jigsaw part II, and Java 10 Highlights!

  1. Neil says:

    What's best practice for container memory? Specifying it twice (xmx and container) sounds undesirable.
    I'd want the VM to take the max memory possible within the constraint defined by the container whilst allowing headroom for the containerised OS. This will probably be more than 25%, but percentage isn't a good way to specify it.

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