Episode 55. Let’s get GIT-it With it!

Source Control, it’s one of those tools that professionally we MUST need to master. In today’s episode we cover one of the “hottest” source control system out there (Git). Created by Linus Torvals, it’s quirky and weird when coming from Subversion (or gosh forbid, Visual Sourcesafe). But not to worry, if you have always been wondering about Git, and how it really works (or more importantly, how to use it), this is the episode to listen to!

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2 comments on Episode 55. Let’s get GIT-it With it!

  1. Michael says:

    Hi. I regularly listen to your podcast but this episode was hard to follow (because explaining GIT only over voice is difficult).
    Unfortunately you explained 'handling conflicts while rebasing' wrong. When rebasing and a conflict occurs. Git stops and lets you sort out this conflict. After this is done the commit is the combination of the original one and the changes done to merge the conflict. Therefore I you have Alice and Bob both branch from A and Alice appends B and C to A (via rebase). When Bob rebases D and E and a conflict occurs in D after he sorted this out the repository looks like A – B – C – F (=D + changes for merge). If E has a conflict too the repository looks like A – B – C -F – G (=E + changes for merge). Normally there is no additional commit after a regular rebase even when conflicts where detected.

  2. Freddy Guime says:

    Wow, did we really bungle that one up? The beers must've been strong at the Roundhouse that day. You're absolutely right! That's why is so annoying when rebasing multiple commits and running into conflicts. Best is when you squash them to then rebase. We will put an errata for Episode 57 (56 was already out-the-door when we got to this comment). And thanks for listening!

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