Episode 20. Excuse me, do you know what Date it is, or what Date is? A discussion about Date and Calendar in Java

In this podcast we turn and talk of that embarassing uncle that every API has (java.util.date), you know, the one that you have to live with because is family, but don’t really like that much? We dive into what to avoid when using Date (and Calendar), and the most common pitfalls that we have falled for (1000*60*60*24 anyone?). In all, if you have used date extensively you probably already migrated to JodaTime, but if you are a casual user, then take a listen, just to make sure you are not bitten by the Date traps!

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http://joda-time.sourceforge.net/ (Joda Time)
http://www.wolkje.net/2010/01/06/java-date-and-time-api-and-jsr-310/ (New Date JSR + what goes under the covers)

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