On this Episode, we talk about the keyword “volatile”, and what does it really mean. Even if you are a multithreading guru, this chapter goes in deep of the different things that volatile protects you from, including L2 caches and code re-ordering. We also cover the use of synchronized, and why, even though is convenient, it might create more headache than it actually solves.

Happy Programming!

2 comments on Episode 1. Volatile, and Synchronized

  1. pawcik says:

    Is there chance to format rss that reader or other rss client could parse the subscriptions to get link to audio files ?

    Personally I use a google listen in my phone and it would be nice to listening you on bus :).

  2. Windust says:

    I added a links tab at the right of the blog, you can use the http://javapubhouse.libsyn.com/rss for google listen (+ there is a direct mp3 download page in there as well!)

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