Saturday, February 2, 2013

Episode 35. Recursion, Doubles and Strings (A little for everyone!)

You remember recursion right? that ugly, confusing thing they made you do either on CS-300, or at job interviews. Have you ever wondered how to make it safe and right? and why do we really use recursion? In this episode we go into proper recursion programming (and lose the fear of making it wrong), and understand why stacks get filled with it, and what problems do they really solve (answer, not many).
In addition we talk about the nature of Double objects, vs double the primitive (And why it is so hard to do == comparisons in doubles), plus some little known things about Strings (like interning). In all it has a little bit for everyone, so take a listen!

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  • For those interesting on solving mazes
  • Why Programmers need math (or at least google it)
  • Real algorithm for average rating(this is just very interesting, and make us a little less wrong
  • How doubles are represented
  • The need for BigDecimal

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